The New Corporate Identity for Gong Om

Gong Om is an organization in Argentina dedicated to organizing relaxation and meditation sessions using gongs.

Our team had the honor of designing their corporate identity, capturing the essence of tranquility and mindfulness that Gong Om represents.

The Gong Om logo features a stylized gong, the central element of their sessions. The minimalist design, with circular lines evoking the gong’s sound waves, and earthy tones of brown and beige symbolize calmness and grounding, reflecting the therapeutic nature of their services.

For the color palette, we chose soft and natural hues that evoke peace and relaxation, aligning with Gong Om’s organic and holistic approach. The elegant, flowing typography adds a personal and welcoming touch, complementing the serene atmosphere of the sessions.

We developed various applications of Gong Om’s corporate identity, ensuring consistency across business cards, letterheads, social media templates, and promotional materials. Each application maintains the brand’s visual coherence and enhances its presence in all client interactions.

The result is a corporate identity that reflects Gong Om’s values of tranquility, mindfulness, and holistic well-being. The new identity has been well received, helping to establish a strong connection with their audience and support the growth of their sessions in Argentina.


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