Renewing Que Seja Brigadeiro’s Identity

In a world where a brand’s visual identity plays a crucial role in its success, every detail matters. From colors to typography, each element communicates a unique message that impacts consumers’ perception. In the case of Que Seja Brigadeiro in Leiria, Portugal, the renewal of its brand identity has been an exciting and transformative journey that has led to the development of a meticulously crafted brandbook and a significant improvement in its logo.

A brand’s visual identity is its introduction to the world. It’s the visual expression of its personality, values, and promises. In the case of Que Seja Brigadeiro, a renowned brand in Leiria, the visual identity had the challenge of capturing the essence of passion and tradition behind its delicious products.

The heart of Que Seja Brigadeiro’s visual identity lies in its logo. The recent improvement in the logo has not only modernized its appearance but also maintained its essence rooted in tradition. The choice of vibrant colors and refined typography has breathed new life into the logo, reflecting the quality and freshness of the products the brand offers.

Behind every great brand are a set of rules and guidelines that govern its usage and application. Que Seja Brigadeiro’s brandbook is a fundamental document that establishes standards for the proper use of its visual identity. From the color palette to the placement of the logo in different contexts, the brandbook ensures visual consistency in all brand interactions with its audience.

The renewal of Que Seja Brigadeiro’s visual identity not only impacts its external appearance but also the customer experience. A solid and consistent visual identity creates an emotional connection with customers, fosters brand recognition, and increases confidence in its products and services.

In Leiria, Portugal, Que Seja Brigadeiro has embarked on a new chapter in its history with a renewed and revitalized visual identity. From the creation of the brandbook to the improvement of the logo, each step in this journey has been a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence and innovation. With a fresh and vibrant image, Que Seja Brigadeiro is ready to conquer the hearts and palates of its customers, not only in Leiria but around the world.


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