EGICH: Comprehensive Human Capital Management

We are delighted to present the visual identity developed for EGICH, a comprehensive human capital management company led by its CEO, Nadina de Carlos.

This identity needed to reflect the company’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and effective human capital solutions.

Our first step was to delve into EGICH’s core values and mission. We aimed to understand the company’s approach to human capital management, their client base, and the unique solutions they offer. This understanding was crucial in creating a visual identity that truly represents EGICH.

The concept revolved around conveying professionalism, trust, and innovation. We wanted the visual identity to be modern and sleek, reflecting EGICH’s forward-thinking approach and its dedication to optimizing human resources.

The logo incorporates a geometric symbol paired with clean, modern typography. The symbol, featuring an abstract form, represents integration and efficiency, key aspects of EGICH’s services. The use of blue tones conveys trust, stability, and professionalism.

Alongside the logo, we developed various visual elements, including business cards, stationery, and a website design. Each element is designed to be cohesive and reflective of the company’s brand values, ensuring a unified and professional appearance across all platforms.

The new identity for EGICH has been well received, enhancing their brand presence and credibility in the human capital management industry. The visual identity effectively communicates their expertise and commitment to providing comprehensive and innovative human capital solutions.

Working closely with Nadina de Carlos and her team ensured that the final design accurately represents EGICH’s vision and strengths. At Mr Urbina, we are proud to have contributed to creating a strong and impactful brand identity for EGICH.


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