Creating the Comprehensive Identity for Corporatium

Corporatium is a global leader in providing company formation and professional services, with a reach spanning multiple countries and industries.

With a more complete and professional service offering, Corporatium required a corporate identity that reflects its expansive capabilities and professional excellence.

Under the creative direction of our team, we developed a visual identity that embodies the global and professional nature of Corporatium’s services. The imagotype features a modern, abstract symbol that suggests interconnectedness and global reach. The circular design, formed by dynamic lines, represents the company’s continuous support and comprehensive services. The blue color palette conveys trust, professionalism, and reliability, essential qualities for an international service provider.

The typography is clean and modern, ensuring readability and a contemporary look. This choice aligns with the company’s innovative approach and commitment to staying at the forefront of business services.

We extended this visual identity across various applications, including business cards, letterheads, brochures, and digital platforms. Each piece was designed to maintain a consistent and cohesive look, reinforcing Corporatium’s brand across all touchpoints. The use of high-quality imagery and professional layouts in marketing materials further emphasizes the company’s dedication to excellence and global reach.

Our goal was to create a brand identity that not only distinguishes Corporatium from its competitors but also highlights its ability to provide comprehensive and professional services on a global scale. The new identity effectively communicates the company’s strengths and capabilities, helping to establish trust and credibility with clients around the world.

With this new visual identity, Corporatium is well-positioned to continue its growth and maintain its status as a premier provider of business formation and professional services worldwide. The strong and cohesive brand presence ensures that Corporatium stands out in the global market, attracting businesses and entrepreneurs looking for reliable and expansive support in their ventures. Additionally, the identity reflects their commitment to innovation and excellence, which are fundamental to their continued success in a highly competitive business environment.


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