Crafting the Corporate Identity for Influencer Maisong Lee

Maisong Lee, a Venezuelan-Korean influencer, entrusted Mr Urbina to develop his corporate identity, aiming to evoke his Korean roots while embracing his Venezuelan heritage.

Our team meticulously crafted a visual identity that reflects this unique cultural blend, highlighting Maisong Lee’s distinctive background and dynamic presence.

The imagotype for Maisong Lee combines a stylized symbol with textual elements, integrating aspects of Korean culture and his name. The central motif, reminiscent of traditional Korean symbols, is framed in a modern, minimalist style. The use of sharp lines and geometric shapes conveys strength and precision, qualities that Maisong Lee embodies as an influencer. The monochromatic color scheme, predominantly black and white, adds a sophisticated and timeless touch, ensuring versatility across various platforms.

The color palette was chosen to emphasize simplicity and elegance. The black and white tones not only represent Maisong Lee’s modern and clean aesthetic but also serve as a nod to the traditional yin and yang concept in Korean culture, symbolizing balance and harmony.

The typography used in Maisong Lee’s identity is bold and modern, with a subtle hint of traditional Korean calligraphy. This blend of styles ensures readability while paying homage to his cultural heritage. The clean, sans-serif typeface complements the geometric design of the imagotype, creating a cohesive and striking visual identity.

We developed various applications for Maisong Lee’s corporate identity, ensuring consistency across all his digital and physical materials. This includes business cards, social media templates, and promotional graphics. Each element was designed to maintain visual coherence and reinforce his brand presence in all interactions with his audience.

The result is a corporate identity that beautifully encapsulates Maisong Lee’s dual heritage and strong personal brand. The new identity has been well received, helping to establish a strong connection with his audience and support his growth as an influencer. With this identity, Maisong Lee is well-positioned to continue making a significant impact in the influencer space, bridging cultures and inspiring his followers.


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