Crafting Mariela Puente’s Brand Identity

In the context of designing a logo for designer Mariela Puente, a creative process guided by Mr. Angelo Jimenez has been undertaken.

This process has been developed with the aim of capturing the essence and excellence of Mariela Puente’s brand, specializing in high-quality leather products. Initially, a wide range of sources of inspiration was explored, focusing on the natural beauty, traditional craftsmanship, and commitment to quality that characterizes the brand.

Subsequently, the phase of initial sketches was carried out, in which the creativity of the design team was freely expressed. Under the direction of Mr. Angelo Jimenez, various shapes, letters, and symbols were explored to reflect the unique identity of Mariela Puente. Later, the refinement and selection process took place, where each detail was meticulously examined to ensure cohesion and faithful representation of the brand.

With the design nearly finalized, final adjustments were made to ensure its functionality and aesthetics in various contexts. The supervision of Mr. Angelo Jimenez was crucial in this process, where each modification was made with precision to achieve the desired perfection. Finally, Mariela Puente’s final logo was presented to the world as a symbol of excellence in leather craftsmanship, the result of a creative process led by Mr. Angelo Jimenez, combining a passion for design with an unwavering commitment to quality and elegance.


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