VOOS: Designing an Identity for an Innovative High-Level Platform

At Mr Urbina, Corporate Creative Agency, we take pride in our collaboration with VOOS, a cutting-edge platform that redefines the flight experience.

Creating their visual identity was an exciting and rewarding challenge that required a detailed and creative approach to capture the essence of the brand.

We began with an exhaustive research phase to understand the aviation industry, customer needs, and market trends. We analyzed competitors and conducted interviews with the VOOS team to identify the platform’s values and vision.

Based on this research, we sketched several logo ideas and graphic elements that encapsulated the concepts of flight, technology, and elegance. We wanted the logo to be not only visually appealing but also functional and instantly recognizable.

We opted for an image that integrates a stylized airplane and modern typography. The airplane represents the core of VOOS’s business, while the contemporary typography suggests efficiency and modernity. The blue and white color palette conveys trust, professionalism, and tranquility.

The VOOS identity extended beyond the logo. We created a series of cohesive visual elements, including business cards, presentation templates, and an intuitive, attractive website design. Each piece was designed to maintain visual and communicative cohesion, reinforcing the brand’s presence at every customer touchpoint.

We ensured that VOOS’s visual identity was flexible and adaptable to various platforms and formats. From mobile applications to printed materials, the brand maintains its integrity and recognition.

The new VOOS identity has been positively received by users and has strengthened its position in the aviation market. The platform not only stands out visually but also effectively communicates its promise of superior innovation and quality.

It is important to highlight that at Mr Urbina, we have extensive experience in marketing within executive aviation. This specialized knowledge allowed us to deeply understand the needs and expectations of VOOS users, significantly contributing to the project’s success.

At Mr Urbina, we are proud to have contributed to creating an identity that not only represents VOOS but also inspires trust and modernity in the flight experience.


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