The Creation of Brasa e Carvão’s Signature Attire

Working on the design of the attire for Brasa e Carvão, the best rodizio in Portugal, was an incredible experience for us at Mr Urbina. From the outset, their team conveyed a clear vision: they wanted attire that reflected the elegance, professionalism, and authenticity of their brand.

The process was collaborative and seamless. We immersed ourselves in the culture of Brazilian rodizio and selected high-quality materials that ensure comfort and durability. The attire needed to be functional for the staff while maintaining a sophisticated appearance.

The final design, as shown in the image, incorporates key elements of the Brasa e Carvão brand. We opted for a clean and modern style, with the logo and brand details prominently displayed. The sleeves feature the Brazilian flag, adding a touch of authenticity, and the back of the attire showcases the restaurant’s website, reinforcing their online presence.

We are very proud of the result and grateful for the opportunity to work with such an esteemed organization. This project not only highlights our design capabilities but also our ability to collaborate closely with our clients to create something that truly represents their identity and values.


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