Personal Branding for Engineer Martín Rousseaux

At Mr Urbina, we recently developed a personal branding project for Engineer Martín Rousseaux, a specialist in comprehensive solutions for Energy Efficiency management in the maritime industry.

Our goal was to create a visual identity that reflects his professionalism and expertise. The logo, featuring his intertwined initials “MR” in a sophisticated design, uses blue and green colors to convey trust, stability, and innovation. The background image of a cargo ship underscores his connection to the maritime industry, highlighting his expertise in energy efficiency.

Martín Rousseaux and his team specialize in offering complete solutions, including the implementation of techniques, procedures, training, indicators, sensors, monitoring systems, Energy Efficiency management plans, and cybersecurity. Their commitment is to help clients achieve their energy goals, complying with the requirements set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and contributing to environmental decarbonization goals.

By staying constantly updated on new technologies and trends, they remain at the forefront of reducing pollutant emissions, providing innovative and effective solutions for the maritime industry.

This branding effort encapsulates Martín Rousseaux’s professional image, positioning him as a distinguished figure in his field. Through this visual identity, we aim to reinforce his reputation and make a lasting impression on his audience.


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