Mr Urbina® implements its Smart Card in Argentina

For Mr Urbina®, the security of both data and operations is and will always be the foundation of any of our strategies.

It was in the year 2013 that we decided to launch our first public database, providing both clients and suppliers with access to internal and external personnel data so that they could have a window where they could immediately consult any information related to a member of our organization, 24/7.

We worked on more than 5 different versions until we reached the pandemic, during which we made a drastic and functional change. It has now become the “Intelligent Database,” which works perfectly with a “Smart Card” containing detailed assigned data, allowing you to quickly and securely obtain the information of the person you are interacting with or closing any commercial agreement with.

Our collaborators have clear instructions to provide a full presentation of their profile, which we recommend our clients check for security measures to prevent any type of fraud by unscrupulous individuals.

Scanning our “Smart Card” connects in a couple of seconds with the “Intelligent Database,” which will present you with the full name, position, nationality, ID, and the most important value for us, their status within our organization. For example: if the person was dismissed, a red badge will appear with the status “FIRED” below. If the person is currently working, a green badge will appear with the status “ACTIVE.” Even if the person resigned, you will see “I QUIT” with an orange badge. This card may also contain additional observations if the case requires it.

The photographs are clear and have a textured background containing more information linked to the holder of our “Smart Card.”

This is a real example of how a profile looks in our “Intelligent Database.”

There are some provisional credentials whose status will be: PROVISIONAL. This credential is intended for professionals who perform occasional or outsourced work with whom our organization does not have medium or long-term contractual commitments but who perform duties for days or weeks.


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