Mr Urbina® held the first Masterclass of 2020 in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires

At the People Coworking space, an elegant sanctuary of knowledge and teamwork that opened just over 3 months ago in Caballito, marketing enthusiasts, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs from various sectors gathered to attend the first Masterclass of 2020 (Business Model, Viral Marketing, and Sales) in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. The event was organized and conducted by the Mr Urbina® team and sponsored by one of our commercial partners in Argentina, Sensación Venezolana® and Ever Salomón Vera.

The event was divided into two parts. In the first part, our CEO and Founder, Carlos Urbina, spoke about the importance of executing an efficient business plan through the implementation of the CANVAS model and covered the introductory topics of Viral Marketing.

Carlos Urbina, Founder and CEO of Mr Urbina®

After the first phase of the presentation concluded, a Coffee Break followed, which was filled with networking from start to finish. During this time, the attendees interacted, got to know each other, and even opened up possibilities for mutual collaboration.

The Coffee Break featured a variety of appetizers, and at the end, attendees also had the opportunity to enjoy a delicious Chicha Sensación®.

We closed the Coffee Break with a presentation by Ever Salomon Vera, CEO and Founder of Sensación Venezolana®, who explained the transformation his business is undergoing and shared the story of its beginnings and progress. All of this took place while the attendees enjoyed a delicious Chicha Sensación®.

Karen Rojas, Founder of Yabaddu

Gustavo Urdaneta
Carlos Urbina
Ever Salomón Vera

Founders of Yabaddu alongside our CEO

Masterclass Accreditation 

In the second round of presentations, our COO, Gustavo Urdaneta, took the stage. He completed the second phase of the agenda, which included the continuation of Viral Marketing and Sales. This was an engaging session where he demonstrated, through video resources and specific cases, how companies are conveying their messages to the world. The goal was to generate insights that allow them to effectively connect with future consumers or build loyalty with existing ones.

Gustavo Urdaneta, COO of Mr Urbina®


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