Mauro Crema: Visual Identity for a Dynamic Live Painting Artist

We are pleased to present the visual identity created for Mauro Crema, an extraordinary artist known for painting incredible canvases at live events where DJs are performing.

This unique fusion of visual art and music inspired a distinctive and energetic brand identity.

The design was meticulously crafted by Lic. Angelo Jimenez, Creative Director at Mr Urbina, after extensive collaboration with Mauro Crema. We began by immersing ourselves in Mauro Crema’s artistic world. His dynamic live painting performances, synchronized with the pulsating beats of live DJs, required a brand identity that captured the energy and vibrancy of these events.

The concept focused on blending the spontaneous and creative essence of live painting with the rhythmic and electrifying atmosphere of DJ performances. The logo features a dynamic, flowing script that embodies the fluidity and movement of Mauro Crema’s painting style. The use of bright, energetic colors like orange conveys creativity, passion, and vibrancy. The triangular shape adds a modern and edgy feel, representing the cutting-edge nature of his performances.

Alongside the logo, we developed additional visual elements, such as business cards, event banners, and promotional materials. Each piece is designed to be eye-catching and reflective of the high-energy environment of Mauro’s performances.

The new identity has been well received, enhancing Mauro Crema’s brand presence at live events. It effectively communicates the unique blend of art and music, attracting both art enthusiasts and music lovers. The collaborative effort between Lic. Angelo Jimenez and Mauro Crema ensured that the brand identity truly represents the artist’s vision and the dynamic nature of his work.

At Mr Urbina, we are proud to have been part of this creative journey, helping to elevate Mauro Crema’s artistic brand to new heights.


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