International Cryptocurrency Exchange and Remittances

At Mr Urbina, we are excited to unveil our latest project: the launch of Henko Cash, a groundbreaking brand dedicated to international cryptocurrency exchange and remittances.

Henko Cash aims to provide a secure, efficient, and user-friendly platform for global financial transactions, bridging the gap between traditional currencies and digital assets.

Our process began with a comprehensive understanding of the global financial landscape and the specific needs of users engaging in cryptocurrency exchange and international remittances. The logo for Henko Cash is designed to be modern and professional, featuring a clean and approachable aesthetic. The subtle check mark above the “n” symbolizes trust and reliability, essential qualities for a financial service provider.

The color palette features shades of green and gray, representing growth, stability, and modernity. These colors convey a sense of security and innovation, ensuring that the brand stands out in a competitive market. The typography is sleek and contemporary, reflecting the cutting-edge technology and user-centric approach of Henko Cash.

Henko Cash is designed to facilitate seamless transactions, whether users are exchanging cryptocurrencies or sending remittances across borders. The platform combines advanced security measures with intuitive design, ensuring that users can manage their finances with confidence and ease.

The launch of Henko Cash has been met with enthusiasm from users seeking a reliable and efficient way to handle international financial transactions. This project showcases our dedication to creating brands that not only meet the needs of their target audience but also push the boundaries of innovation and design in the financial sector.


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