Flavor and Tradition for the Portuguese-Speaking Market

At Mr Urbina, we are proud to showcase our work with Tequenhos.com, a brand dedicated to bringing the delightful taste of tequeños to the Portuguese-speaking market.

Our goal was to create visually appealing social media content that highlights the quality, tradition, and exceptional flavor of tequeños.

Tequenhos.com aimed to enhance its social media presence and better connect with its audience. Inspired by the rich cultural heritage and vibrant flavors of tequeños, we developed eye-catching and informative visuals. We used warm, inviting colors and visual elements of iconic landmarks to convey authenticity and tradition.

Each image highlights the craftsmanship and love behind the tequeños while promoting delivery services. Consistent use of the brand’s typography and colors ensured a cohesive visual identity.

The result was a series of images that increased social media engagement, strengthened brand identity, and attracted a wider audience in the Portuguese-speaking market.


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