Dulce Dona’s Journey of Rebranding

Transforming Heritage and Flavor under the Creative Direction of Mr Urbina and Mr. Angelo Jimenez

Dulce Dona is undergoing an exciting rebranding process, spearheaded by Mr Urbina and led by their Creative Director, Mr Angelo Jimenez. This strategic project aims to completely refresh the brand’s image, from its visual identity to its messaging and tone of voice.

Under the guidance of Mr. Angelo Jimenez and with creative direction from Mr Urbina, the team has tirelessly worked to capture Dulce Dona’s unique essence and effectively convey it through its new brand image. Exploring new creative directions and developing innovative concepts, they have reflected the brand’s rich Argentine heritage and its commitment to quality and authenticity.

The rebranding of Dulce Dona under Mr Urbina and Mr. Angelo Jimenez’s leadership is not just a superficial change in the brand’s appearance but a profound transformation seeking to revitalize its emotional connection with customers and strengthen its position in the market. Significant changes have been made to the logo design, color palette, typography, and other visual elements to better reflect the brand’s core values.

In addition to the visual aspects, the team led by Mr. Angelo Jimenez has also worked on developing a new brand narrative that resonates with customers and effectively communicates Dulce Dona’s unique story. The brand’s message and tone of voice have been revised to ensure they accurately reflect its personality and values.

Thanks to Mr Urbina’s visionary leadership and Mr. Angelo Jimenez’s exceptional creativity, Dulce Dona’s rebranding is on track to be a resounding success. This collaboration has allowed the brand to evolve and reinvent itself, preparing it for a bright future full of growth and expansion opportunities.


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