Corporate Branding for Trends for Cooking

At Mr Urbina, we recently developed the corporate branding for Trends for Cooking, an innovative platform dedicated to culinary enthusiasts.

Our goal was to create a visual identity that embodies the passion and creativity associated with cooking, while also appealing to a modern audience.

The logo features a stylish and dynamic design with a bold script font, emphasizing the word “Cooking” to capture the essence of the platform. The green color palette symbolizes freshness and growth, resonating with the platform’s commitment to healthy and contemporary cooking trends. The incorporation of a chef’s hat icon adds a playful yet professional touch, highlighting the culinary focus of the brand.

This branding effort positions Trends for Cooking as a vibrant and engaging platform for food lovers, ready to inspire and connect a community of passionate cooks. We are excited to see how this visual identity will help them attract and engage their audience, fostering a love for cooking and culinary exploration.


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