About itinerio.com’s Corporate Identity

At itinerio.com, we believe that every brand has a story to tell and a unique identity to express. That’s why we embarked on an exciting journey to develop a corporate identity that reflects our passion for freedom, adventure, and exploration.

Our corporate identity revolves around a powerful symbol: the hot air balloon. This icon, featured in our logo and a central part of our brandbook, represents much more than a mode of transportation. For us, the hot air balloon is synonymous with freedom, with escaping the confines of the everyday and exploring new horizons. It is a reminder that the best experiences happen when we venture beyond our comfort zone and embrace the unknown.

In our brandbook, we carefully outline the guidelines and standards that govern the use of our corporate identity, ensuring that every interaction with our brand conveys our values and vision consistently and authentically.

At Itinerio.com, we are excited to share our corporate identity with the world, inviting everyone to join us on this thrilling journey towards freedom and adventure in the Caribbean and beyond. Join us as we explore new horizons together!


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