SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and is a branch of the design and programming of internet sites that is responsible for making the web pages in the best possible way so that they can appear in the highest positions of the search engines, when users enter certain words in the search field of large browsing services (mainly Google, Yahoo and Bing).


1.SEO project design and definition.

2. On-Page Implementation.

3. Monitoring report.

Web Analytics

Web analytics does not try to measure our website traffic, but to understand and analyze it to make improvements to the site and, finally, to achieve the objectives that we have set for our website, be it an ecommerce, a corporate site, a advertising portal or a network or social site.


1. Business intelligence: digital analytics oriented to decision making.

2. Conversion optimization: digital analytics applied to user experience for conversion optimization. We guarantee more return for each visit.

3. Optimization of online advertising: digital analytics to improve the results of your online advertising campaigns and that we already include in our Online Advertising and SEO services.

Positioning Campaigns

Online advertising refers to all the advertising formats that we find on the internet, these can be in the form of text, such as those found on google, commonly called google adwords, or the traditional banners that appear when we consume content on different portals.


1. Google Adwords SEM campaigns.

2. YouTube Trueview campaigns.

3. Facebook Ads campaigns.

4. LindekIn Ads campaigns.

Web Design and Development

Web development is a term that defines the creation of websites for the Internet or an intranet. To achieve this, software technologies are used on the server and client side that involve a combination of database processes with the use of a web browser in order to perform certain tasks or display information.


1. eCommerce.

2. Mobile App (iOS, Android).

3. Corporate website.

4. Blog.

Graphic Desing

Graphic design is a specialty or profession, whose objective is to meet visual communication needs. It is responsible for organizing image and text, produced in general by industrial means, to communicate a specific message, to a specific social group and with clear and defined objectives.


1. Editorial Design.

2. Flyer

3. Corporate Identity

4. Web Banners.

5. Packaging Design.

6. Signage.

7. Digital Illustration.

8. Invoices.

9. Forms.

10. Business cards.

11. Brochures.

12. Posters.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is the application of marketing strategies carried out in digital media. All the techniques of the off-line world are imitated and translated into a new world, the online world.


1. Strategy.

2. Monitoring.

3. Community Management: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Blog.

5. Development of Facebook applications.

6. Generation of quality content and Digital PR.

Artistic Promotion

We are constantly searching for new tools to obtain greater diffusion from our clients. Our strategic ally (VSD) and the digital environment in which we move allows us to offer new modalities of recognition and positioning of the artist. We are known for being a company with intelligent and innovative initiative in terms of dissemination and positioning.


We promote the dissemination of the music of its creators through agreements with different entities of the musical and audiovisual field for the transfer of musical rights. We work with our artists in a relationship of mutual agreement. Our main quality is the transparency of the actions, monitoring the fate of the licensed works, ensuring the rights that correspond to the author.


We are much more than a music producer, which is why another of our services is "Booking", handling everything related between the sale and marketing of presentations and shows, under the economic conditions agreed between the manager and the artist. With this service we offer, we seek to ensure the good development and economic conclusion of the artist's presentations and that he obtains as many presentations as possible.

Audiovisual production

We know the importance of audiovisual products in the world of entertainment, so we like to help enhance all types of audiovisual products from music videos to content for television, cinema, and digital media.

Editorial Advice

We offer advice and total development to each of our artists in music production, marketing and promotion; including the different forms of market and distribution, thus protecting the intellectual property of the authors. We can range from the creative process to completion.

Musical production

For us, everything revolves around our clients and the concept they want to express, which is why we have the best music production team at the service of our artists: unpublished themes, musical arrangements of themes already produced and songwriting for unpublished songs.