Security Analysis of Websites and Systems

Cybercriminals currently use a large number of devices to violate the systems of companies such as:


1. Security hole analysis: identification of possible ways to enter the systems.

2. Exploitation of vulnerabilities: attempt to compromise the system by using the vulnerabilities found.

3. Network enumeration: discovery of information about the intended objective.

We perform the analysis of the security of your website to detect this before being impacted by malicious hacker action.

Information Systems and Infrastructure Assurance

We provide technological advice with the aim of designing the IT security strategy according to your organization

Network Security Scan

Our network security scanning service provides a detailed analysis of the status of critical elements of your network. This includes default applications and settings that may pose a security risk.

WiFi Network Audit

Security scan on the wireless network. Security analysis in private and guest networks. Measurement range of IPs, type of authentication, keys, IDs of networks and others.

Perimeter Security Management
Perimeter security management protects the organization's network and resources against external threats: persistent network attacks, targeted attacks, sophisticated exploits, DDoS attacks, zero-day attacks and other threats.
Internal and external intrusion tests
Our internal and external intrusion testing service helps assess the security level of your company's information systems, thanks to a demonstration of the degree of vulnerabilities that your network infrastructure possesses, while analyzing for your company the consequences of illegal access to their information systems.
User training program
One of the most neglected factors of computer security are the users themselves, where most of the threats pass. We create awareness programs, workshops and trainings aimed at educating and becoming aware of the threats to which your company is exposed.
Double Authentication Factor
We implement Double Factor Authentication systems for your company's systems, websites, VPN accesses, etc. We strengthen authentication to your systems through different techniques and solutions.